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Q.Is any URL that I paste on the "Assisted Purchase" page accepted?

A.Yes.Most of the sales sites available in Japan can do this, but there are some items that cannot be handled, such as some foods and dangerous goods.

Q.I would like to purchase and ship Japanese food products, is this possible?

A.Yes. However, for food items that require refrigeration or freezing, Fedex and DHL cannot handle them because they cannot control the temperature. Dried foods such as snacks and cup noodles can be handled, but there is a possibility that the bag may be damaged by air pressure. Please note that we cannot be held responsible in such cases.Also, some foods are banned in some countries, so we recommend that you check beforehand.

Q.Can I purchase pre-ordered items and have them shipped to me?

A.Yes. However, there are some products that are difficult to obtain even in Japan, such as products of popular anime and artists. In such cases, please understand that we cannot guarantee the availability of the item.

Q.Can you ship to remote areas at a lower price?

A.No. Shipping to remote areas will incur an additional fee. Please check with Fedex or DHL for fees, as they depend on location and region.



Remote Area checker

Q.Can I ship imitation swords and air guns?

A.Shipping is possible, but since it is dangerous goods, some countries may not be able to receive it.

There is a possibility that you may be stopped by the customs of the receiving country, and we cannot take responsibility in that case.

Q. What is the payment process?

A.Payment methods are different for "Shipping"  and "Assisted purchase".

For "Shipping" , the first step is to create a label. (Click on the "+Shipping" tab)

Enter the details of the package to be shipped and create a label and an approximate shipping fee will be given at the time the label is created.

(Note: Remote area charges will be known at the time of labeling, while special emergency charges will be known at the time of billing.)

・Fedex Temporary Surcharge

Please refer to



For assisted purchase,you are asked to create a purchase order and pay for the items they want to purchase, plus domestic shipping costs, in advance.


As soon as we confirm your payment and receive the product, we will ship it to you.


As with the "・Shipping", the exact delivery fee will be billed by Fedex and DHL at the end of the month.


Q.Is the payment currency in dollars? Japanese Yen?

A.The currency used for payment is the US dollar.


Q. What costs are included in the price?

A. The shipping cost list includes invoice preparation, shipping costs, label preparation, and surcharges.



Q. How do I read the shipping chart?


A.For example, let's say you want to ship one item to Europe.

The size of the box is 35x57x29cm.


In this case, the volumetric weight is 12kg.

(L X W X H ÷ 5000)

The actual weight was 10kg.


In this case, the 12kg charge will be applied.

We will choose the cheaper rate and ship it to you.


For more information,

Please visit

Automatic quote simulation



The automatic quote simulation is

Shipping fee + surcharge + weekly price (exchange rate) + emergency adjustment fee (10-1400 yen) + remote area fee (if applicable) will be taken into account.

Optional charges, import duties and other fees are not included.


Q. Is it correct to understand that special documents (FCC, watch, etc.) are also included?


A. We charge an additional 200 yen for the preparation of FCC, watch, TSCA, and other documents.

If you send the same product the next time, we will keep the documents in stock.

If you send the same product next time, we will stock the documents and you will not be charged for the next time.

(For the exact same product)


Importer fees (FDA and anti-dumping related transportation)

We will contact you if we are required to do so.

We will contact you if we are required to do so, in which case you will be charged an additional 2500 yen.


If there are any further complications, we will contact you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.


Q. Is it possible to order a large quantity of products and send them to your company and have your company stock them?

Also, is it possible to optimize the packaging once the quantity is accumulated?



A. Yes, we can.

The inventory storage fee will be 80 yen per day.

Also, the handling fee for bundling is 300 yen.(Business Plan)


Q. Can you ship to Russia?


A.As of February 1, 2022, shipments to Russia will only be handled by FedEx.

(Shipping may not be available in some regions. Please contact us for details.)



Q. Can you ship with Gift settings?


A. Yes, we can, but there is an optional fee of 800 yen.

 (Normally, we do not offer this service, but we can do it if the item is a gift or a present.)

Q.Can I use languages other than English when placing an order, such as Chinese or Russian?

A. supports only English and alphabetic input. For Chinese characters, Russian Cyrillic characters, Korean Hangul characters, etc., please use English or alphabetic characters.

Q.When ordering shipping, I have to enter the weight of the item, what if I don't know?

A.The exact weight will be weighed after the goods arrive at our warehouse, so please enter an approximate weight when ordering.

Q.What about the decimal point when measuring size and weight?

A.All decimals should be rounded up.

Q.Can I cancel my order?

A. Yes. If you wish to cancel, please contact us with the reason.